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SailBook is building a network where travel agents, tour operators, and charter agents connect with fleet operators, yacht owners and professional crew members in order to work together for their mutual benefit.

Browse Directory

SailBook offers Directories of numerous agents, fleet operators and yachting professionals where you can select the ones you like and create direct collaborations.

Send Request

When you have identified companies you would like to partner up with, send them a collaboration request and wait for their acceptance.

Start Collaboration

Once the collaboration has been acknowledged from both sides you are in direct online collaboration with your new partners!

Grow Your Business

Whether you are a yacht owner looking for new agents to promote your fleet or an agent looking for yacht availabilities and cruise experiences for your clients, SailBook is the B2B yachting platform where you can connect with new partners and grow your business.

Co-operations - build your own network


From the Agents' login, the Directory shows the full list of fleet operators and yacht owners registered with SailBook and on the Operators' side, the Directory contains all the agents using SailBook worldwide. Both sides can send each other a new collaboration request and the other side must confirm acceptance. Once the collaboration is set, the two companies are connected and business is on!

  • Agents connect with Yacht Owners
  • Operators connect with Agents worldwide
  • Crew Directory is available for free
  • Multiple collaborations can be created

My Operators - My Agents

The collaborations you create on SailBook appear in a separate list called "My Agents" or "My Operators". Here you see only the companies you have direct collaborations with. This is very practical as you avoid searching the whole directory while looking for one of your partner's details.

  • Select your Partners
  • Control the Status of your collaborations
  • Extend your collaborations
  • View business details at one glance
Co-operations - build your own network
Co-operations - build your own network

Company Profiles

On SailBook every company profile is a summary of the most important details you need to know. Besides the basic data and contact names you can also extend the collaboration and see the offered products of the specific company.

  • View company profile
  • Contact details
  • Collaboration Status
  • Product list
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