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Yacht Bookings Made Easy

From the first view of the dashboard to the analytics and reports, SailBook provides you with the right toolkit to generate business in the yachting industry. The setup is simple and easy to use. Every step is optimized for fast and smooth management of your yacht bookings.

SailBook Booking Plan

Booking Plan - entire Fleet

The SailBook Booking Plan provides a practical setup with direct access from the calendar to the most important tools like Add Booking, Add Option, and Block Yacht.

  • View all yacht bookings
  • Apply weekly, monthly or yearly scale
  • Make direct updates on calendar
  • Swap between years

Booking Plan - per Yacht

On SailBook every yacht has its own booking plan with direct access from the calendar to the most important tools. The colourful graphic layout makes it straightforward and eye-catching.

  • Day by day calendar
  • Easy visuals
  • Interact directly from calendar
  • Live update
SailBook Booking Plan
SailBook Proposals

Charter Proposals

The innovative Charter Proposals is designed to facilitate communication with the end clients. In 3 easy steps you can search available yachts in a specific sailing area, select the offers you would like to add to your proposal and send it directly to the clients.

  • Best Rates of the Yachting industry
  • Guaranteed availability for many yachts
  • Extra discounts
  • Special offers all year round

Smart and Easy to Use Features

What makes a tool valuable is its ability to make your job easier. SailBook saves you time and opens the door for new collaborations.

Live Updates
Years Swap
Interactive Calendar
Multiple Search Filters
Advanced Search
Optimized Engine
SailBook Search Availability

Search Availability

The SailBook Search of available yachts worldwide gives users a large choice of filters in order to refine their online search.

  • Multiple options
  • Advanced filters
  • One-way and Special Offers

Search Availability Results

SailBook's search engine has been optimized for showing the most important data at first sight and making all the complementary details available with one click.

  • Insta Option/Booking
  • Detailed Pricing
  • Fully Optimized
Search Availability Results

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