SailBook Assistance

SailBook Assistance

The SailBook Team is here to help you learn all the powerful tools of the SailBook Platform.

SailBook Assistance

SailBook Team

Our team members operate as consultants for the general travel industry. As experts in YACHTING, they advise travel agents and tour operators on how to find the right yacht for their clients and guide them through the booking procedure.

  • Expertise and Friendliness
  • Available 24/7
SailBook Assistance

Assistance for Setup and Updates

The SailBook Team is available to help members set up their account, create yacht profiles and update booking plans. You will find as much technical assistance as customer service and market advise. Reach out to the live chat assistance with your questions and our team will answer you.

  • Efficient Solutions
  • Multilingual Assistants

SailBook Team


Christina has over 15 years' experience, in an international environment, including 5-star hotels and mega yachts. She holds a bachelor from Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne and a masters in multimedia communications. Christina loves sailing, riding, and surfing. She likes to give attention to every detail.


Stelios has sailed all over Greece. He enjoys advising travellers of the areas they could visit for sailing holidays and provides sailing tips for every destination. He has participated in several sailing races in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.


Vaggelis has over 25 years experience with sailing, which is his main passion. He has sailed all over Greece and participated in several sailing races in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.

Yachting Academy Series

Building bridges to the world: connecting Yachting Services with the international Travel Industry.

Yachting Services Entry Level Seminar

Yachting Services Entry Level

How to a become a Yacht Agent

  • Basic knowledge of Yachting terminology
  • Explaining different customer profiles
  • Yacht Types (Sailing, Motor)
  • Charter Types (Bareboat, Skippered, Crewed)
  • Yacht booking procedures
  • Q&A
  • 60min
  • €90
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Yachting Services Advanced Level Seminar

Yachting Services Advanced Level

How to a become a Yachting Consultant

  • Yachting Customer Journey
  • Customer Concerns
  • Routes & Daily Miles
  • Overview of Services & Services Types
  • Travel Assistance (where to stay, how to shop etc)
  • Q&A
  • 120min
  • €190
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Yachting Services Master Level Seminar

Yachting Services Master Level

How to create your own Yachting Services

  • Deepen on Services Types
  • Experienced based Services
  • Project: Make your own Service
  • Services Best Practices
  • Quiz & Certification
  • 180min
  • €290
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What are the payment methods for the Seminars?

After completing the form, a SailBook team member will contact you to confirm availability and provide details about the available payment methods.

How are the Seminars carried out?

We use all major conference platforms. A presentation is followed to cover the main topics of the seminar and wherever is needed further details are discussed.

Intro Webinar
SailBook Operator Basic
Intro to Operator Basic Features

- Add Yachts

- Extra Services

- Extra Equipment

- Send Proposals

- Other Functionalities

30 min
Included in Basic Package
Intro Webinar
SailBook Agent Basic
Intro to Agent Basic Features

- Search Availability

- Send Proposals

- Yachting Services

- SailBook Tools

30 min
Included in Basic Package
Intro Webinar
SailBook Professional Basic
Intro to Professional Basic Features

- Create CV

- Create Services

- Setup Payment Methods

- Create Cooperations

30 min
Included in Basic Package
Intro Webinar
SailBook Advanced
Intro to SailBook Advanced Features

- SailBook Advanced Features

- Create Services

- Setup Payment Methods

- Customize Charter Online

60 min
Included in Advanced Package
Intro Webinar
SailBook Premium
Extended Intro to SailBook

- SailBook Extended Features

- Fleet Tracking

- Walkthrough of Web Services

90 min
Included in Premium Package
How is Intro Webinar organized?

After your registration is confirmed, a SailBook Team member will contact you via email to arrange the date and time of the online seminar.

What is the main purpose of Intro Webinars?

To get you acquainted to the various sections and functionalities of SailBook. In a short time, we will walk you through the tasks needed to maximize SailBook's benefits.

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Choose one or more of our seminars, learn how to use the advanced and premium features of SailBook.

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